The Charlotte Hornets Foundation Promotes Youth Education

Charlotte Hornets pic
Charlotte Hornets

A construction and property development professional, Richard Schwartz draws on experience leading businesses in Charlotte, NC, and Pineville, NC, in his current role as president and COO of Village Park Homes in Hilton Head, SC. In his free time, Richard Schwartz enjoys playing golf and following regional sports teams, including the Charlotte Hornets.

As part of its community outreach activities, the Charlotte Hornets organization oversees various programs and activities aimed at wellness, hunger, and education. Since 2013, the Hornets Foundation has maintained the Book Bus, which delivers books and fun reading programming to students throughout the Charlotte area.

In addition to the Book Bus, the organization operates the incentive-based Pick & Read Literacy Program and Hornets Math Hoops. Through Pick & Read, students can earn praise and Hornets prizes by reading outside of school. Students can also enhance their math skills with the help of Hornets Math Hoops, a fun and educational mobile app developed using Common Core Standards and 21st-century learning skills.


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