Bluffton’s Real Estate Market and What It Means for Builders

Village Park Homes  pic
Village Park Homes

A homebuilding and property management professional, Richard Schwartz formerly served as president of Calloway Homes in Charlotte, NC. Having relocated from NC to South Carolina, Richard Schwartz leverages his expertise to oversee Village Park Homes in Hilton Head Island.

In 2012, Village Park Homes spearheaded the construction of two communities in the Bluffton, South Carolina, area. As of 2015, it completed 10 more communities and had two additional projects pending.

The Bluffton-area real estate market is growing. High demand for properties ranging from $200,000 to $350,000, has made it possible for builders to sell homes at a quick pace, according to an article published by the news media outlet WSAV. In fact, fast sales have depleted the new home inventory, which increases the need for more construction workers to keep pace with home demand. In its current state, the market will provide more jobs through homebuilding companies, which typically need a workforce of 50 people to build a single home. In addition, it places homeowners in a good position to resale their properties at competitive rates.


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