Tips for Successful Home Building

Building Project pic
Building Project

A former resident of Charlotte, NC, Richard Schwartz has built a successful career as a home builder through positions at companies across North and South Carolina. Throughout his career in Charlotte, NC, and beyond, Richard Schwartz has played a key role in a number of community home-building projects.

Many people choose to build their own home instead of purchasing one from a seller. Home-building projects provide homeowners with the unique opportunity to design their dream house, but there are a number of considerations that go along with the undertaking. If you are looking to create your own house, keep in mind the following tips:

1. Find the right builder. Before you initiate your home-building project, conduct research to find the right builder. In general, you should hire a builder who possesses experience in building on client lots. It is also important to look at the builder’s previous work and read feedback from past clients.

2. Plan ahead. Consider your future lifestyle when designing your home. For example, you will need extra space if you plan to add to your family in the coming years. In addition, it is important to leave space for a ground-floor master bedroom to accommodate your needs during your retirement years.

3. Don’t go overboard. Consider building a house that is similar in size and features to the other homes in the neighborhood. While it may look impressive, you will have more difficulty reselling the house at a fair price if you overbuild.


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